Cushioned • 2014

Able to Disabled: My Changing Landscape

Through the art of shaping sound, Kim shares her process and insights of these life changing years. Able to Disabled: My Changing Landscape  conveys insurmountable moments of grief, loss and transformation amid testable adaptability and embrace. Anchored in her reality, the narrative emerges, depicting a vivid story and complexity within the composition. At it's core, Able to Disabled: My Changing Landscape recounts a personal process of transformation, re-configuration of identity and the work of letting go to let in.



This spoken word audio piece has been configured for listening with the use of headphones.

Friends: It gives me great pleasure to share with you my latest work:

                    Able to Disabled: My Changing Landscape


A spoken word soundscape, 25 minutes in length. This audio work has been three years in the making. A great deal of learning, a shift in my art practice, an affirmative process.

Rheumatoid Disease arrived in March of 2014, significantly altering my ability to continue to work in the media I had cultivated: painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media – always with an emphasis on the environment surrounding us here in Northern Ontario.  Fortunately, I was diagnosed quickly and referred to a Rheumatologist. The severity of the disease took hold and for the following three years, I was bedridden, using a wheelchair for outings.


During this time, a dear artist friend who visited often, gifted me a handheld audio recorder and encouraged me to record my daily insights and to capture sounds of my environment. It was meant as a way for me to stay engaged creatively through an extremely difficult time.

In 2017, a new treatment began to show promise. Now able to function I decided to apply for a grant with the Ontario Arts Council aimed at a mentorship year with Darren Copeland, an accomplished soundscape artist. Darren came to my home every two weeks instructing me on the techniques of capturing, editing and composition. We began extracting pieces from all I had captured during those years, pieces we felt were strong in creating the story.

In 2019, I applied and was awarded an Ontario Arts Council grant that would see Able to Disabled: My Changing Landscape to completion. With the skill and support of Benjamin Hermann, sound technician and confidant, this work now ready for publication. It will live and be accessible to all on the web via my website. I encourage you to listen with headphones as the work has been configured to be an intimate, mindful listening experience. I invite you to listen and to share far and wide.

If you require more information please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am open and interested in all avenues to promote and share this work. My hope is for rehabilitation centres, oncology centres, chronic illness associations/groups, those experiencing loss, transformation, new ways of navigating the world, will have the opportunity to engage with this work.


Kim Kitchen, Artist 


I wish to thank the Ontario Arts Council for their consideration and support throughout the making of this project.


Kim Kitchen 2020

Credits • When the student is ready, the teacher arrives.


My heartfelt gratitude to all who held me on this path. Your contributions to the creation of this work, your nurturing ways and feeding my fire has filled me with joy and deep sense of accomplishment. Collaboration as it's very best!


Benjamin Hermann • Composition, Sound Editing, Confidant

Darren Copeland • Mentorship, Compostion & Editing

Victoria Fenner • Creative Coaching, Promotion & Distribution

Holly Cunningham • Orbital Queen

Ben Leggett • Mastered


Music Composition Credits

Running For A Living & Cut Keys by Benjamin Hermann


So Much More Written by Hidden Roots Collective

Brigitte Lebel: Vocals, Keys
Annie Sumi: Vocals
Holly Cunningham: Vocals
Rose-Erin Stokes: Vocals
Vince Aquilina: Percussion
Jordan Wyshniowsky: Cello
Recorded and produced by Ben Leggett
Mastered by Noah Mintz

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