To Re-convene // To Shoreline: Lake Superior • Aug 2019

I wish to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts


Kim Kitchen In The Studio

A Warm Welcome


It is here; surrounded by such beauty; the turning of seasons, birth, death, regeneration, all that informs my ability to create, engaged in the natural elements and the unfolding of my life.

I am inspired daily by the habitat that surrounds in the wilds of Northern Ontario, walking ever so gently, knowing full well we are care takers not land owners.

I desire to live art daily in collaboration with SHE who nurtures, nourishes and sustains. Thank you for visiting my on-line studio and I welcome your return.


In rhythm, Kim



Click the image below to access the CBC Short Doc about Kim's latest work.


I wish to thank the Ontario Arts Council for all their support.

NEW Audio Work  "Able to Disabled: My Changing Landscape"

 Kim recounts a

personal process of transformation &



Kim explores the collective cultural understandings at the intersections of the female body as it finds itself in nature. Her community activism is inclusive, celebratory, and exuberant. In contrast, her artistic work is introspective, thoughtful, and prompts quiet reflection.

Sound art lends itself perfectly to her practice of critical inquiry of body-land relations, and the self-reflexive relationship between ability and artistic and cultural production, as seen through collaboration and community engagement. This new visceral medium enables Kim to return to her beautiful connection to the land, adding the layer of vision provided by her new “listening.”

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