Title: #21 Blue Door

Arist: Kim Kitchen 

Date: July 2012

Acrylic on Mahagony

Dimensions: 26" x 38"


In the collection of

Jane DeBlock



#21 Blue Door, inspired by a photo taken in Ghent Belgium on a day of exploring about the city. The wisteria was out in full bloom and I was taken by the old and mystical qualities of this door. An entrance that called me to imagine what lies beyond.

I approached this painting using a palette knife only, new to me in technique, another entrance to what was a brief unknown.

Kim Kitchen In The Studio


It is here; surrounded by such beauty; the turning of seasons, birth, death, regeneration, all that informs my ability to create, engaged in the natural elements and the unfolding of my life. From years of working in the anti-violence movement I continue to be engaged in creating work that speaks to social justice, using my visual voice to express the actions required for change.


Along with my life partner, our daughters, four legged friendships, family and friends from near and far, the web continues to be woven.  

I thank you for visiting my on-line studio and welcome your return.  

In gratitude, Kim

A R T    P R A C T I C E

The consideration of an opportunity; the ability to unite understanding of the world and human experience, creating visuals that reflect, giving space and attention to that which are the truths of our time. As we are inundated with images of prescribed beauty, illusions of what we should be,  story lines that define worth, advertising that dictates who and what is of value, I am inspired to create work that is grounded in issues relevant to culture, identity, environment and the daily happenings of our lives. I desire to create mirrors, reflecting the relationship to the landscape in which I wander.









Title: Fall Reflections In the Swamp

Medium: Acrylic on Mahogany

Dimension: 24” x 54” x 2.5”
Date: March 2013


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