The Swamp • November 2016

Kim Kitchen In The Studio

Welcome. It is here; surrounded by such beauty; the turning of seasons, birth, death, regeneration, all that informs my ability to create, engaged in the natural elements and the unfolding of my life.


I am inspired daily by the habitat that surrounds in the wilds of Northern Ontario. Walking ever so gently, knowing full well we are care takers not land owners. Along with my life partner, our daughters, son, four legged friendships, family and friends from near and far, we are blessed with a vibrant web.


The painting "Lost & Found" was #1 of a series of 4 that I completed in the summer of 2003. An exploration of neolithic and paleolithic excavation finds of a time and civilzation prolific in art and found objects. This sculpture unearthed near Belgrade, dated 4900 - 4800 B.C. The organized script found in northwestern Bulgaria was etched on a shallow vessel and dates early fifth millennium B.C. The lines of the labyrinth 6300 - 6100 B.C. found in former Yugoslavia. Deer tooth beads with markings and spirals found in a thirty year old women's grave in Saint Germain-la Riviere France. The culmination of time, Herstory and geography. Lost & Found is now available in prints.


I desire to live art daily in collaboration with SHE who nurtures, nourishes and sustains.


I thank you for visiting my on-line studio and welcome your return.  

In gratitude, Kim

Title: Lost & Found

Date: 2003

Medium: Acrylic On       Mahagony

Dimensions: 34” x 20”


Limited Prints Available


Price: $260

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