Title: #21 Blue Door

Arist: Kim Kitchen 

Date: July 2012

Acrylic on Mahagony

Dimensions: 26" x 38"


In the collection of

Jane DeBlock



#21 Blue Door, inspired by a photo taken in Ghent Belgium on a day of exploring about the city. The wisteria was out in full bloom and I was taken by the old and mystical qualities of this door - an entrance that stirred my imagination.

I approached this painting using a palette knife only,

new in technique,

another entrance to what was a brief unknown.

Kim Kitchen In The Studio


It is here; surrounded by such beauty; the turning of seasons, birth, death, regeneration, all that informs my ability to create, engaged in the natural elements and the unfolding of my life. From years of working in the anti-violence movement I continue to be engaged in creating work that speaks to social justice, using my visual voice to express the actions required for change.

Along with my life partner, our daughters, four legged friendships, family and friends from near and far, we are blessed with a vibrant web.


This photo taken December 20th 2014, as we celebrate the Winter Solstice and return of the light. Our studio sits all snuggled in by the great white duvet.

I thank you for visiting my on-line studio and welcome your return.  

In gratitude, Kim

Sunday at the Shack • March 2014 • 16" x 32"
Oil on Mahagony • For Sale

Artist Statment

Have just finished up Sunday at the Shack, a Diptyck, two paintings that are a pair.  For years I have photo documented the annual rites of winter, communities that form on the ice here in the north . . . the rise of the ice shack.  There are many parts to the story. The construction or re-fitting, the painting and or additions that take place in the drive way or yard in the off seasons. When it's time for the lake relocation, the words are - ice is thick enough, and the journey begins to the chosen location, specific to a hopeful fishing hole. I absolutely appreciate the caricature of the buildings, each one unique, the peculiarities of shape, the array of colour, miniture homes much like a Hobbit village. Sunday dinners take place here, fond memories of time spent, the big one that got away and the warmth of the woodstove on a frigid freezing day out on the lake.


This imagery is my environment. It's where I wander. I view it every day in the safe to be out there months and I'm inspired to share it with you.

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