Three's Company • 21" x 17" • 2013

Northern Ontario is home. Swamp, rock and water are enveloped by endless forest in a harmonious habitat that informs Kim's mid-career practice and inspires a variety of media: paint, sculpture, installation, mixed media, digital/film, performance and photography. Recently, the onset of rheumatoid disease has challenged Kim to stay inspired and engaged by viewing the beauty that surrounds her through the lens of her camera. She is energized by opportunities to develop some of her photographs taken as studies for painting, as well as exploring and digitally honouring nature's endless and ever-changing bounty. Kim's innate respect for and communion with her subject matter is a testament to the resilience and continuity of her life as an artist and woman of the bush.


Each title above takes you to a gallery page that presents that specific body of work. Thrills me to have accomplished all this. Years spent brewing, dreaming, learning and creating - the entirity of a Artist's practice.  


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