Temple Builders • 2015

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  • Mary Lynne Wilton (Tuesday, July 21 20 09:26 am EDT)

    You are a beautiful person. Your story is very moving. I am blessed to have met you and so glad you are part of my son and his wife’s life.

  • Tim (Saturday, March 28 20 07:49 pm EDT)

    You are an honest story teller! I believe by sharing your journey of challenge you will help calm others struggling with their challenges.

  • Kathleen Kavanagh (Friday, March 20 20 03:19 pm EDT)

    Insightful account of how a debilitating disease can erode a life path. Your comment stating you wish people " knew you before the illness" struck home with me. I often had patients at the end stage of a catastrophic illness. Seeing pictures posted above their bed and hearing family recall stories always gave me insight into lives altered. I loved learning about the "real" substance of my patients.

  • Colleen Perrin (Monday, March 16 20 02:17 pm EDT)

    Transformation comes in the strangest forms and often through crisis and your work reminds us that our life here is about a path that we are following for a reason, as brutal and heartbreaking and beautiful and cruel as it may be.

    I am bowled over by the lichen and moss and painting on mahogany, which bring us back to our very roots of where we began. (I spend hours studying old stumps and lichen on rocks.) We weave our herstory and history from those roots and those roots pave our paths now and always. As we are one and the same thing. They remind us about timelessness and that things break apart and come together and that is what our lives are but the thread that connects everything is eternal.

    Your work needs to be everywhere to help people reconnect with who they really are as the evil ones destroyed it for most, so please bring it to the office towers, to the concourses, to the community centres and everywhere. People need your work so they can heal in all ways and be kind to all, to themselves, others and the animals, birds, trees etc and have a broad focus rather than staying locked in fear.

    So while it is your journey with rheumatoid, it reminds me of all journeys that we are on through adversity and growth. It covers universal themes including our very survival on this beautiful earth, all woven together exquisitely.

    I feel so blessed to have experienced your work.

  • Joie Grimwood (Sunday, March 15 20 01:32 pm EDT)

    Wow, so powerful. Incredible, such inspiration Kim - this passage of time
    and all that you have accomplished. Excited for others to experience it, so well done.

  • Shirley Green (Thursday, March 05 20 08:18 pm EST)

    Hi Kim, It's truly heart catching for me hearing the emotions in your voice as you relate the visitation of RA to your body and soul. Made it difficult to hold back the tears. So beautiful to hear you speak of the swamp and all that our Great Mother has always meant to you and Perry.

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