Her Story • June 2020

Photograph by Vanessa Tignanelli

Paintings, Mixed Media & Photography

An introduction to the diversity of my work. A glimpse of individual pieces that are for sale as well as work sold. I am open to commissions and please note, new work is always underway, so do return. If you have any questions or comments please send a message my way.

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NEW Audio Work  "Able to Disabled: My Changing Landscape"

 Kim recounts a

personal process of transformation &



Kim explores the collective cultural understandings at the intersections of the female body as it finds itself in nature. Her community activism is inclusive, celebratory, and exuberant. In contrast, her artistic work is introspective, thoughtful, and prompts quiet reflection.

Sound art lends itself perfectly to her practice of critical inquiry of body-land relations, and the self-reflexive relationship between ability and artistic and cultural production, as seen through collaboration and community engagement. This new visceral medium enables Kim to return to her beautiful connection to the land, adding the layer of vision provided by her new “listening.”

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