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An introduction to the diversity of my work. A glimpse of individual pieces that are for sale as well as work sold. This gallery page includes; painting and mixed media. My photography can be viewed in the Greeting Cards Gallery.

I am open to commissions and please note, new work is always underway, so do return. If you have any questions or comments please send a message my way.

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Title: Lost & Found

Date: 2003

Medium: Acrylic On       Mahagony

Dimensions: 34” x 20”

Limited Prints Available

Price: $200

"Lost & Found" is #1 of a series of 4 completed in the summer of 2003. An exploration of neolithic and paleolithic excavation finds of a time and civilzation prolific in art and found objects. This sculpture unearthed near Belgrade, dated 4900 - 4800 B.C. The organized script found in northwestern Bulgaria was etched on a shallow vessel and dates early fifth millennium B.C. The lines of the labyrinth 6300 - 6100 B.C. found in former Yugoslavia. Deer tooth beads with markings and spirals found in a thirty year old women's grave in Saint Germain-la Riviere France. The culmination of time, Herstory and geography. Lost & Found is now available in prints.

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