Organic Fusion

Inspired by 5 photographs, "organic fusion" documents a walk in the fall of 2009 near Kim's home. With a sensce of mystery in her approach, the lens captures a sense of fusion in the natural world. Similar to that of the nude, the historical gaze, Kim in in observation and seeks to present, a private realm, a distinct moment, intimacy of the natural world.
The exhibition incorporates large digital pigment prints on archival canvas juxataposed with paintings and sculptural forms, amplifying details of intergration from the photographs. The work considers interdependence, the unification of form, colour, fragility and strength. A heightened experience, notably the inherent and complex beauty of relationships in the natural world. Bringing attention to visual information not always received at a glance, "organic fusion" provides opportunity to record through a contemporary gaze. Kitchen's drive is to provide an entry point in which to step in, conjure up, revive, experience closeness with affection.


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