Kim Kitchen & Tracy Stricker

This show represents a collaborative work - the process of mentorship of one’s practice as artist are featured.

This is Tracy Stricker’s first exhibition; Kim Kitchen has exhibited throughout Canada since 2001.



The foggy air was super saturated with moisture.  Overnight temperatures were forecast to drop below freezing.  This precise combination of conditions creates hoar frost, delicate ice crystal formations that cover the faunae.  The morning beckoned me to come out and wander. This will end  autumn’s vibrant colors and begin the process of plant decomposition. But in this moment, frozen in time, I capture the art of the brilliant first frost.



Certain species of fungi are engines to the process of decomposition. This organic material, bacteria, secures the cycle of nourishment and growth.  The rate of decomposition depends on the temperature, moisture and chemical composition of the organic matter. Oxygen levels are key as fungi require oxygen for growth. When all aspects of decomposition are present, the flower of the fungus forms.

I am intrigued with these living forms that are abundant in our landscape. The little engine that could and does, nourishing all in its path.

The diversity of form, colour, texture, growth, visuals of the forest floor, speak to the alliance of function and aesthetic. To view fungus in it’s flower state is to see it for the first and last time, never to be the same again. In a series of photographs, enlarged for the purpose of exposure, I present to you, beautiful forms of Fungi In Flower.


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