Fungi Fauna & Frost Exhibition Opening • Kim & Tracy Stricker • 2016


Kim’s artistic practice truly embodies the concept of art in a social context. Never didactic, her performance work, installation, paintings and sculpture invite and encourage the viewer/participant to reflect on the natural and political world around us. Kim’s community activism is always inclusive and usually celebratory and exuberant. Hence, in the most wonderful ways imaginable, her art informs her community involvement, just as her understanding and experience of social issues inform her art. She has acquired a wealth of experience from working within the anti-violence movement at global, regional and local levels providing supports on the ground for women experiencing and or effected by violence. Kim provides a creative approach to learning that engages participants with action. She suggests that visuals provide a window into the understanding of one’s experience and methods used present information and concepts that can be inaccessible by words alone. This personal experience has inspired the making of art that explores, challenges and questions social order, well being, justice, and the machine that is fueled by profits and power.
A graduate of White Mountain Academy, Kim has exhibited painting, sculpture, mixed media, installation, photography and performance across Canada. Her practice utilizes materials found in the natural environment of her home in Northern Ontario. She continues to work with lichen as a material for casting torsos, works that examine the unfolding reality of the body as landscape. Kim’s paintings are a study of what has been lost and now found, fossilized and excavated objects, a collaboration of memory, messages, geography and time. Performance art has linked her experience as a front line counsellor to the action required to shift the established paradigm.


In recent years Kim sought a more accessible means to art making conducive to her new reality of disability. Audio emerged as a friendly, gentle, no friction medium that allows her to continue as a practicing artist on her own terms. With significant changes in mobility, old spaces become unknown insofar as the body must learn anew to navigate through them. The familiar becomes unfamiliar, and the body is tasked with relearning how to exist.


Kim resonates with the collaboration of various media, reflecting on what is required for a life of exploration; stepping outside of isolation, partnerships equipped with diversity, inter-dependence and collaboration.

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